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Benefits as a member of ATIA

ATIA is the leading advocate organization speaking on behalf of Aruban businesses. As the collective voice of commerce, ATIA can influence decision-making processes that may affect businesses. The collective interests of our members are protected and promoted through participation and lobbying.
As a member of ATIA, you are part of a prestigious network dedicated to business’ interests where your voice and input are valuable. The network of members meets regularly to exchange information and ideas.
Business Information
Through emails, newsletters and information meetings we will keep you informed of our activities and the general economic situation on the island.
ATIA regularly organizes workshops and seminars on relevant topics. All our activities provide networking opportunities.
Room Rentals
As a member of ATIA, you receive a reduced price on the rental of ATIA’s Conference Room and Board Room.

ATIA’s membership fee is structured on the size of the company. This involves the number of employees in its service, rather than its annual turnover in Aruban currency.

We consider this a fair membership fee structure and trust that registering companies provide an accurate entry of the number of employees working at their business.

Yearly fee based on company size

Company size A
01-05 employees Awg. 400,-
Company size B
06-15 employees Awg. 1000,-
Company size C
16-39 employees Awg. 2500,-
Company size D
40-89 employees Awg. 4000,-
Company size E
90-375 employees Awg. 4750,-
Company size F
375 + employees Awg. 5500,-

How is it to be a member

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